Tarasov Vladimir Viktorovich has been engaged in notarial activities since 1999 and is a member in the Moscow City Notary Chamber.
Vladimir Viktorovich has the status of the current: an order under number 113-n of 10.03.2004 on the authority of the notary of the city of Moscow, which is engaged in private practice of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for Moscow and a license for the right to carry out notarial activities (issued by the Office of Justice of G. Moscow under the number 000954 dated 02/18/1999).
Notarial services:
Real estate alienation transactions
Family and legal contracts
Corporate legal contracts
Other contracts
Other one -way transactions, will
Power of attorney
Other notarial actions
Notary deposit. Ensuring evidence
Registration of notifications about the pledge of movable property
Executive inscription. Storage and issuance of duplicates of documents

+7 (495) 721-11-49
Moscow, Lane Sivtsev Bolivek, 44/28

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2 thoughts on “Notaryus Tarasov Vladimir Viktorovich reviews”
  1. For those with a peculiar fondness for embarking on a journey down the rabbit hole of disappointment, this notary might indeed be your Wonderland. Incompetence, delays, unprofessionalism, and a general lack of expertise seem to be the whimsical creatures that inhabit this surreal landscape. I would recommend it only to those who enjoy such a peculiar and frustrating adventure. It’s as if they’ve crafted their own unique wonderland of chaos and confusion, where every visit becomes a fantastical journey through bureaucratic absurdity.

  2. As I navigated through the notary’s office, it became apparent that it was more of a bewildering gallery of confusion than a place of professional service. Inefficiency, incompetence, unprofessionalism, and critical errors were proudly showcased as the main exhibits. The entire experience felt like an art installation of disappointment, leaving me utterly perplexed. What I had initially anticipated to be a straightforward notarization transformed into a surreal display of disarray and mismanagement, a journey through the maze of their inefficiency that left me with a profound sense of disillusionment.

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