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We sincerely believe in the continuous improvement of the quality of trading.
We have created a proven trading platform with an excellent platform and conditions in which investors can hone their trading skills and become even more successful.
Human approach
We have removed the boundaries between institutional and private investors, making the trading process more enjoyable for everyone and providing all clients with a high standard of quality.
Education and analytics
Our top priority is to enable our clients to make more informed trading decisions based on numerous educational materials and market analysis tools.
Full transparency
Access the world’s most popular financial instruments, from currencies and stocks to indices and commodities, with the most honest pricing and execution.
Customer interests always come first
Whatever problem you have, our multilingual customer service will be happy to help you. You can contact us by phone, email or chat during market hours.

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4 thoughts on “CAUVO CAPITAL REVIEW”
  1. They draw any charts they want… They impudently leaked my deposit… I decided to enter a trade with a large volume, and everything went well, the price flew in my direction… but suddenly a candle appeared sharply, which hit my stop loss… and since I was trading aggressively , then the deposit lost 50% of its fortune … I went to other platforms to look at quotes … there was no shadow that flew into my stop … so it turns out that this stupid scam draws charts, how profitable for them … they have everything in the palm of your hand, so they are engaged in this quackery …

  2. They have many ways to scam. I know very well that Cauvo Capital uses a huge arsenal of tools to drain client deposits. These are personal managers, and signals, and some kind of auto trading, and allegedly first-class analytics, and training courses. In short, they lure you with beautiful promises, but in the end, a person is guaranteed to lose money, and not earn. Moreover, these swindlers make it so that the client himself is to blame for his drain.

  3. As long as there is no regulation, not a step here. That’s when they get normal regulation, then we can talk. In the meantime, there is no normal license, then there is nothing to throw money here.
    Normal regulation is when activities are verified, insurance is obtained, client money is safe and kept in segregated accounts. The FSC pseudo-regulator cannot guarantee such things, so it cannot be considered a regulator either. Moreover, the jurisdiction of Mauritius is unreliable and likes to host an outright scam.

  4. Are there really people who fall for a similar scam Cauvo Capital, which mows down under a reliable brokerage company? It seemed to me that people had already formed a collective immunity against such outright fraudulent schemes. The fact that this is a typical scam should be clear to everyone: there is no financial supervision, they work from nowhere and it is not clear when they started, obviously not an old broker, because if it was an old and well-known broker, then everyone would know very well about it, but this is far from the case.

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